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Using Sonar and Echo-Mapping on Pond and Lake Survey's

At Lake Master Pros, over the last few years we have added Sonar and Echo-Mapping to the list of services we offer. This allows us to see, depth, structure and fish. This comes standard with every Lake survey. Along with aging bass, making sure the forage base is sufficient and we do a water quality analysis. Checking for ph, dissolved oxygen, salinity, alkalinity etc.

The echo-mapping can offer details of depth and contour of the lake. This is recorded and can be seen later. At this point we can offer suggestions to put structure and spawning areas to maximize the lakes potential and create a few honey holes.

The information can also help us determine where to put aeration if needed. Diffused aeration for example needs a certain depth to maximize the benefit.

The information can also be used to create keepsakes for the home or lake house. We can turn the information we have into a plaque with the information we collected. First, we calculate the size of your lake or multiple ponds. After we calculate the acreage we would perform an echo-mapping of your lake.

Customer have asked for more detailed information of their lake. We can also offer mapping in more detail.

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