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Other common names for Algae is Pond scum, water net, frog spittle and most used is moss.

Algae, originating from a vast and diverse group of eukaryotic organisms, can be quite a challenge in pond management. It can range from unicellular forms like Chlorella and diatoms to multicellular types such as ocean kelp.

Controlling algae, particularly in ponds, can be a tricky task. Some types are resistant to certain treatments, making management even more challenging. Filamentous algae, a common type of algae found in ponds, can be controlled with proper aeration, dyes, and water treatments.

However, algae can become problematic for a pond if left unchecked. Overgrowth of algae can lead to issues like oxygen depletion, which can harm fish and other aquatic life. It can also be unsightly, turning a beautiful pond into a green, murky mess.

When treating algae, it’s crucial to consider that most treatments include a copper compound. While effective against algae, this can be toxic to some fish species, such as Koi. On the other hand, most game fish tolerate copper treatments well when applied correctly. In fact, copper is frequently used in the aquaculture industry as a treatment for certain fish conditions.

Chemicals Used

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