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Pond Stocking Fish for Sale


Stocking your pond or lake can be tricky and sometimes it is hard to find fish farms in your area that are selling fish.  Some suggestions would be to contact your fish and game department in your state.  They should have a list of fish farms that are registered in your state to selll fish.

11.7 Pound Largemouth Bass

Most common fish stocked areLargemouth Bass, Fathead Minnow, Redear, Coppernose or a Native Bluegill, Hybrid Bluegill, Black Crappie and Channel Catfish.  Other fish like Shad and Tilapia can be purchased in most states.  If you are in the Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Louisiana and Arkansas area contact me for a fish suppliers in your area.  Otherwise you can contact your Fish and Game Department for a list of fish suppliers in your area.  


Helping Customers Stocking their ponds and lakes

Our commitment to this goal, has made us one of the hardest working pond and lake managment companies in the industry. In our ongoing effort to better serve you, we try to carry the most comprehensive line of fingerling fish and pond & lake management supplies available and always searching for new ideas, products and methods to serve you.

Redear Bream. Great fish to stock in a pond or lake.

Redear Bream are known by other names.  Government Bream, Shellcracker and Stumpknocker just to name a few.  The Redear Bream is not only stocked for its sporting quality, it is stocked to help control worms and parasites.  They earned the name Shellcracker can they can break down the shells of crestacians and forage on them..  This eliminates the host of parasites, which reduces the chance of parasites attaching themselves to a new host, which is normally other fish in the pond. Redear is not a hybrid fish so they reproduce normally. They can commercially feed and can grow at a rate of 1/4 per growing season.  Very few Shellcracker will live past 6 seasons.  

To Stock Minnows or Not Stock Minnows

Minnows are a great source of protein and they do help establish a pond with very little to no fish.  They do help create a food chain in new ponds.  Although as your lake ages and fish become established.  The bluegill (native bluegill) become a key factor in maintaining many predators in the pond.  Bass, Crappie and Catfish will all feed on the bluegill and minnows will get toughter and tougher to maintain.  They are relatively a top water fish that will get preyed upon very easily and as a Bass gets larger he need to look for much larger fish to maintain and gain weight.

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