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Black Crappie - Lake Master Pros = Pond and Lake Stocking

(pomoxis nigromaculatus)

Black Crappie has 7 or more dorsal spines White Crappie has 6 or less..

Distinguishing between Black Crappie and White Crappie can sometimes be challenging, but a simple method is to count the dorsal fins. Black Crappie will have 7 or more dorsal spines, while White Crappie will have 6 or less.

White Crappie are known to be prolific and are not recommended for ponds or small lakes due to their tendency to overpopulate. On the other hand, Black Crappie, which have a smaller female population, are recommended for smaller water bodies.

When stocking a water body, Black Crappie can be introduced at a rate of 100 per acre of water. Unlike some other species, Black Crappie do not feed commercially and require a good live food source.

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