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CONNECT A DOCK  PACKAGES brought to you by Lake Master Pros

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Why Purchase a Connect A Dock Product.

1000 Series-Low Profile


1000 Series-Low Profile With the 8" (20.32 cm) freeboard, this Connect-A-Dock dock system is best suited for smaller bodies of water and/or coves that are protected from large waves.

Its low profile provides an excellent transition for boats such as Jon boatsKayaks, Canoes, and Sculls. You can build swim platformswalkways for wetlands and marshy areas as well as any style of dock your imagination will create.

2000 Series-High Profile


2000 Series-High Profile With the 17" (43.18 cm) freeboard, this Connect-A-Dock dock system is best suited for mooring boats such as ski boatspontoon boatssail boats and catamarans providing an even transition when entering or exiting.

Using this unique building block design, you can assemble decks, party bargesboat slips and just about any style of dock. Your imagination is your only limitation!

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Dock Cross Section:

The photo shows the bottom coming up to support the top, which prevents a soft marshmallow feel when walking on the surface.

The photo also shows how thick the walls of the dock are which leads into a durable and puncture resistant float.

Our products are hollow with no polystyrene beads (environmentally friendly).

Color is throughout the wall  -- If you scratch it, it will be the same color.

Closely spaced support ribs provide rigidity underfoot, while the unique design of the float chambers trap air on the surface of the water for additional buoyancy.

dockCrossSection Lake Master Pros.png
Use this from to help you design your dock.  Need Help? Contact us anytime for a quote. Provided by Connect a Dock

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