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Hybrid Bluegill

(green sunfish x bluegill)
The Hybrid Bluegill
Hybrid Bluegill one of the most under rated sports fish to angle.

The Hybrid Bluegill is one of the least talked about but one of the most sought after sport fish in common ponds and lakes.  The Hybrid Bluegill is a cross between a male bluegill and a female green sunfish.  This particular cross gives the fish a larger mouth which is able to take in larger prey and also allows us, the angler to fish with a more broad array of lures and baits.  The Hybrid Bluegill can get larger than your average bluegill due to the larger mouth.  They can gain over a 1/4 pound per season and will commercially feed. An execptional Hybrid Bluegill can reach weights of up to 3 pounds. DO NOT FORGET, its a sport fish.. Not intended for a forage base for your top predators, so stock them with that in mind.  They are roughly 10 percent female so reproduction is low and when they spawn they can revert back..

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