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Redear Bream - Lake Master Pros - Pond and Lake Stocking

(lepomis microlophus)

Redear eat the hosts that can carry worms to your game fish. 

Redear Bream, also known as Government Bream, Shellcracker, and Stumpknocker, are a fascinating species of fish. The Redear Bream is often stocked in water bodies not just for its sporting quality, but also for its ability to control worms and parasites.

The Redear Bream has earned the nickname “Shellcracker” due to its ability to break down the shells of crustaceans and forage on them. This unique feeding habit of the Redear Bream helps to eliminate hosts of parasites, reducing the chance of these parasites finding a new host, which is typically other fish in the pond.

Unlike some fish species, the Redear Bream is not a hybrid and reproduces naturally. This natural reproduction helps maintain a healthy population of Redear Bream in the water bodies where they are stocked.

The Redear Bream can feed commercially and exhibits impressive growth rates. A Redear Bream can grow at a rate of 1/4 per growing season. However, it’s interesting to note that very few Redear Bream, or Shellcrackers as they are also known, live past 6 seasons.

Now, let’s dive into some fun facts about the Redear Bream. Did you know that the Redear Bream is native to North America and is the most populous catfish species in the region? Or that the Redear Bream is recognized for its elongated, slightly flattened bodies and soft, scale-less skin? The color of a Redear Bream is typically dark with a light abdomen, making it easily identifiable.

One of the most interesting facts about the Redear Bream is their sensitive barbels or whisker-like appendages on their faces. These barbels are not just for show; they are equipped with thousands of taste buds and sensory pores that help the Redear Bream detect prey and “taste” the water around them.

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