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Redear Bream

(lepomis microlophus)
The Redear Bream
Redear eat the hosts that can carry worms to your game fish. 

Redear Bream are known by other names.  Government Bream, Shellcracker and Stumpknocker just to name a few.  The Redear Bream is not only stocked for its sporting quality, it is stocked to help control worms and parasites.  They earned the name Shellcracker can they can break down the shells of crestacians and forage on them..  This eliminates the host of parasites, which reduces the chance of parasites attaching themselves to a new host, which is normally other fish in the pond. Redear is not a hybrid fish so they reproduce normally. They can commercially feed and can grow at a rate of 1/4 per growing season.  Very few Shellcracker will live past 6 seasons.  

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