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(micropterus salmoides)
The Northern & Florida Hybrid Bass
Largemouth Bass is one of the most fun & exciting fish to angle.

Largemouth Bass can be great for any size pond or lake.  When stocking Largemouth Bass recommended numbers are 100 per surface acre of water. Coppernose or Native bluegill is very important in the stocking of Largemouth Bass. It takes 5 pounds of bluegill to give you 1 pound of bass.  In the Midwest and Northern states it is recommended to stock 5 Bluegill to 1 Bass.   As you head to the southern states, because of the longer growing season you should increase the ratio up to 10 bluegill to 1 bass.  This will help ensure a heathy food cycle and a continual growth for your bass.  If you want great fishing year in and year out. This is one of many fish management techniques that need to be followed.

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