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Introducing BioCycle Algaestat, your ultimate solution for a crystal-clear pond!

BioCycle Algaestat is a two-phase water conditioner that works wonders in maintaining the health and clarity of your water bodies. Its non-metallic pigment base acts as a sun shield, blocking specific sun rays and disrupting the photosynthesis process that algae rely on. But that’s not all! It also introduces live, reproducing microbes that compete with algae for nutrients, effectively reducing algal blooms during warm months when used as part of a structured maintenance program.

But wait, there’s more! BioCycle Algaestat is not just an algaestat, it’s a preventative solution, especially beneficial for those with Koi or Trout. Infused with Barley Extract, it helps maintain a balanced ecosystem in your pond or lake.

Please note, BioCycle Algaestat is designed for prevention and long-term maintenance. For immediate algae control, consider using it in conjunction with products like Cutrine Plus Liquid or Granular.

Recommended usage is just 1.5 gallons per acre foot. So why wait? Give BioCycle Algaestat a try and witness the transformation of your water bodies into a clean, thriving ecosystem!

Dunn's Biocycle Algastat

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