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Stocking my Pond

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Many people ask the simple question. What is a good stocking for my pond. That question depends on a few things. First is there an existing population of fish. If there is, then you would need to fish the pond or get an electrofishing survey done to give you a better idea of whats in the pond and how the fish are doing. Let's say you have a 1 acre pond you just built. A general stocking for a 1 acre pond could be.

50 to 100 Bass

500 to 1000 Native Bluegill (not Hybrids, they don't reproduce well enough to keep up with the bass population.)

200 to 500 Redear Bream (this will help with parasites and keeping fish healthier.)

100 to 150 Channel Catfish. (Channels tend not to reproduce as much. If you plan on harvesting catfish once they get up to 2 pounds or more then you can put it more. Keep in mind they will eat bluegill. So they will compete with your bass. Adding a fish feeder will help manage your catfish and add a supplemental food source.

10 to 20 pounds of fathead minnows

Optional fish to consider would be.

50 to 100 Black Crappie. Fun to catch and eat. Also keep in mind they are a predator and will take a toll on your forage base and compete with Bass and Catfish. They are not recommended for smaller ponds.

50 to 100 Hybrid Bluegill. They can be an alternative to Crappie. They should be considered a sports fish and not a good forage base for your other Bass or Catfish. They make it fun for kids and adults alike. Generally, they are easier to catch than Crappie which keeps kids active and fishing. As long as they are used in this capacity, you can enjoy putting Hybrids in a pond. One more important note, if and when they reproduce they will most likely revert back to a green sunfish. They will not stay a Hybrid.

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