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What do Crappie Eat..

Unlike bluegill and catfish, Crappie need a live food source to forage on. They like all fry depend on zooplankton to survive. Daphnia and Copepods are part of the plankton family they will feed on. As they mature they need a larger food source. Aquatic insects are a target for young Crappie. Larvae is a good food source along with Corixdae, other name of this type of insect is the boatmen or backswimmer. Actually there is over 500 different species of this type of insect. Crappie will make meals of these little insects. Crappie are aggressive hunters and as they mature to young adults they will feed on smaller bluegill and sunfish.


Threadfin Shad and Fathead minnows (Tuffies) will make a great addition to adding supplemental forage for your Crappie. Some fun facts about Crappie is they are also called white perch, sac-a-lait, as the cajun calls them. They are in the Sun Fish family and in the State of Louisiana they are declared as the states fresh water fish.

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