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Waste & Sludge Reducers Why Macro-Zyne by Kasco

Kasco’s Macro-Zyme Beneficial Bacteria is the perfect choice to control and eliminate sludge and foul odors in tanks, ponds, and lakes. Macro-Zyme contains a high concentration of facultative anaerobic bacteria that will rapidly reproduce and consume organic material in your pond or lake. When introduced in your water, This easy-to-use product quickly releases billions of beneficial bacteria & enzymes that work around the clock to clean, neutralize, and purify. Application is simple — just apply Macro-Zyme in water 55°(F) or warmer and let it go to work.

This easy to use product is available in several forms: as quick-dissolving powder in bulk or in water-soluble bags, as six-ounce pucks, or in 6 lb. blocks. The powder is perfect for treating an entire body of water, like your pond. The pucks are designed for easy spot treatments around docks or swimming areas. Both powder and pucks should be applied every 2-3 weeks when water temps are right. Use blocks for on-going time-release treatment lasting up to a month per block. To maximize the performance of this beneficial bacteria, consider adding Kasco aeration and/or circulation products to your pond or lake as well.

• Reduce Excess: Removes nutrients and sediments without chemicals. Reduces phosphate (which is typically the limiting nutrient for plant growth). Breakdown and elimination of fish wastes, goose/duck excrement, dead grass, leaves, and paper organics.

• Removes pond scum and odors: Reduces organic compounds and avoids processes that cause foul odors. Removes floating/suspended organic particles, and increases water clarity.

• Safe and Non Toxic: Nonpathogenic/ nontoxic. Safe for humans, fish, wildlife, and livestock. No irrigation restrictions. No permit required. • Improve Water Quality: Decreases nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia. Helps restore a healthy oxygen level while also reducing oxygen demand.

• Product extras: Dry bacterial products mean no extra weight when shipping. No “stinky” smells from the product itself. Long storage life: minimum two years. • Easy to use: Just toss the water soluble bags or apply the bulk product at the recommended rates. Drop in block/pucks in targeted areas.

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