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Catching the Big Fish.

11.7 LB Largemouth Bass

Why are my Bass all the same size and I am not catching larger Bass?

This is a very common problem with most ponds or lakes. This is usually do to an over population or not enough bluegill and forage base to sustain the current population of bass. An Electrofishing Survey will help determine if a certain size bass need to be culled out of your lake or once age of your bass is determined, then it could be as simple as adding a native bluegill to help balance the bass and bluegill. Electrofishing used to be only for High End Customers and cost was high. Technology has allowed Electrofishing to be affordable to smaller pond and lake owners. Culling your average size fish out till they are tougher to catch will give your lake room for other bass to gain in size and weight. Bass need a solid forage base of bluegill(native) to sustain themselves. Competition is health for fish but too much leads to Bass not reaching their full potential.

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