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4X Stronger Blend: A little goes a long way! Experience exceptional value in every drop with our 4X Midnight Pond Dye Blue. One quart / One gallon container of this pond blue dye can treat one acre / four acres, making our blue dye for ponds an unparalleled investment in your fish pond care routine. 


Deep Blue Color: Enjoy a vibrant deep blue pond for up to 4 weeks with our 4X Midnight Blue Pond Color Dye. Our lake colorant works year-round, maintaining a beautiful pond regardless of the water temperature or season, so you can always enjoy a beautiful dark blue pond or water feature.


Blocks Sunlight: Our lake dye colorant works well as a shield from sunlight for a cool, serene environment. This blue pond water color helps prevent unwanted plants from growing and provides a comfortable ecosystem for aquatic lifeform.


Effortless Application: This easy to apply natural looking blue pond dye requires no mixing! Simply pour the 4X Midnight Blue Pond Colorant in several spots along the pond’s edge. It saves you time, money, and effort while maintaining a stunning pond! Plus, you can resume fishing, swimming, and other recreational activities immediately after application. It works great as a blue lagoon pond dye, lake dye, and koi pond dye.

Midnight Blue Pond Dye 4X Concentrate

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