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  • FROM DULL TO DELIGHTFUL – Brings vibrant clarity back to dull, murky water! 4X Pond Cleaner helps keep your lake or pond beautiful year-round. Natural enzymes feed on muck, sludge, and other organic materials, making shallow water look deeper. 
  • 4X CONCENTRATED – A little goes a long way here! One quart container is four times (4X) more concentrated than 1 whole gallon of competing products. Gives even more value with a single 32oz bottle treating up to one acre, treating the water 4-6 ft deep. 
  • LIQUID POND CLARITY – Muck and sludge develops best in warm sunny water. Our pond cleaner provides a protective barrier that reduces sunlight penetration which helps keep bodies of water cooler. 
  • MIX FREE APPLICATION - Beneficial pond and lake bacteria evenly distribute across the water with no mixing required. Simply pour in several spots along the edge and let the natural enzymatic blend get to work. 
  • COMPLETELY NON-TOXIC – This pond cleaner is non-toxic and free of synthetic chemicals. It is completely safe for water used for wildlife and the environment. Animal-safe enzymes are perfect for small koi ponds or larger areas containing livestock, horses, birds, pets, and other wildlife.

4X Pond Cleaner - Reduces Muck & Sludge Concentrate

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