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AquatiClear™ by Kasco

AquatiClear by Kasco is a water circulator, reimagined. This clog-resistant circulator produces continuous water movement to keep docks, marinas, canals, shorelines, and other areas free from algae, floating debris, and foul odors.

AquatiClear capitalizes on Kasco’s proven circulator design. It’s the only circulator on the market that runs continuously without the need to clean out clogs from weeds and other debris.

AquatiClear Circulators are available as 1/2, 3/4 and 1HP units.

Warranty period: 2 years


AquatiClear by Kasco uses Clean Current Technology™ (patent pending), making it the only circulator designed for maintenance-free, continuous operation. Utilizing a newly designed prop guard with independent, rounded tines, floating debris will quickly flow past the unit. This keeps the water near docks, boats, shorelines, canals, and walkways clean and beautiful.

Mounting options for AquatiClear units include Universal Mounts and Horizontal Float Mounts.

Universal Mounts feature a Simple Swivel (patent pending), allowing for easy rotation of the unit to direct the flow of water.

2400CFM 1/2hp 120V Kasco CIRCULATOR/MIXER

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