The 2400CF Circulator/Mixer is the smallest in the Kasco range but it is a powerful performer ideal for a wide variety of applications.  This unit can operate in depths as shallow as 30 inches yet can be effective in creating water movements as deep as 18 ft A single 2400CF 1/2HP unit can effectively circulate water in a one-acre pond with an average depth of six ft.

The 2400CF is available in 120V (60Hz) or 220V (50Hz) configurations.

The 120V 60 Hz units come with a horizontal float and mooring lines (CF models) or with a universal dock/piling mount (CUD models); The 220V 50Hz models come with float and mooring lines, the universal dock/piling mount is available as a separate option.

2400CF 1/2hp 120V Kasco CIRCULATOR/MIXER

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