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Looking for a vintage aesthetic?

Consider our 16′ Deluxe Aeration Wood Windmill – 4-Legged.


This newly designed 16′ Deluxe Aeration Wood Windmill – 4-Legged is a marvel of craftsmanship. Made in the U.S. from light cedar-colored pressure-treated wood, this windmill promises long-lasting beauty! The total height of the assembled windmill and head is 19′.


If comprehensive pond aeration is your goal, look no further! Our Wooden Deluxe Windmill Aeration System outperforms even “dual diaphragm” models sold by other companies. Thanks to our innovative, patent-pending “BalCam II” Technology, we can pump more air using a single diaphragm. This means fewer moving parts, fewer bearings, and fewer diaphragms for you to service and maintain. Rated at 3.0 – 4.5 CFM, this unit comes with everything you need to install and start aerating your pond. Plus, it offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty on the compressor.


The 16′ Deluxe Aeration Wood Windmill – 4-Legged comes with the following accessories:

1 - 16′ Wooden Windmill Tower featuring our new patent-pending BalCam II Technology compressor with Stainless Steel components and a 73″ windmill head

2 - airstones for aeration at two separate locations

1 - roll of non-weighted 100′ airline

2 - foot valves

1 - 2-way selector valve for improved airflow regulation between the two airstones

2 rolls of 100′ weighted airline to submerge your airline to the pond’s bottom 3 hose connector packs

2 airstone housing buckets

2 duck decoy markers Why Choose Windmill Aeration? Windmill aeration is the perfect solution for locations where solar aeration isn’t feasible or electrical connections aren’t practical. Our windmill aeration systems are ideal for any open location. The large 73″ head rotates even in low wind conditions. Additionally, the front dome and blade have been redesigned for improved airflow, ensuring your pond or lake stays aerated even on calm summer days. With an impressive height of 27′, the windmill can harness winds that are barely noticeable. To give you an idea, at 27′, you’ll see tree leaves rustling in the breeze even when you can’t feel it at ground level.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about strong winds. Our self-governing head prevents over-turning caused by high winds. Our compressors come with a full 5-year warranty on cams and bearings. By installing a windmill aeration system, you can harness the power of nature to aerate your pond!

16′ Deluxe Aeration Wood Windmill – 4-Legged

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