68000W Ultrasonic Inverter Electro Fish Fisher Fishing Machine Shocker Stunner


-Single frequency or mixing can be converted, single frequency power maximum, mixed buoyancy optimal.
-Large copper battery folder, to protect the current maximum output.
-Built-in intelligent fan, the best heat dissipation.

1. Name:Ultrasonic Inverter
2. Input Voltage:DC 12V
3. Power: 68000W
4. Size: 17*11*4cm
5. Weight: 854g

Operation Using Steps
1. Prepare the necessary accessories.
2. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the 12V battery to the battery of the machine, and then connect the other end of the two insulated wires of the grid to the output terminals of the unit.
3. The high and low pressure switch on the machine is determined by the depth of the water, and the high pressure and shallow water with deep water are used to save energy.
4. The frequency adjustment on the machine is critical, the correct use of the potentiometer in the appropriate position, so that the relay issued a crisp sound without sinking, the best results.
5. Place the two electrodes in water. Two rods separated by one to five meters (depending on the size of the machine power), continue to press the switch. And then disconnect the switch!

Package includes
1x Ultrasonic Inverter
1x Switch






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